28mm Trojan Wars Army

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This is a beautifully painted Trojan Wars Army from my own collection. Equally good as Mycenaean Greek or Trojans

Based for Warhammer Ancient Battles they can be used as part of an army for Swordpoint or Hail caesar, I have even used them for Kings of War.

Figures by Wargames Foundry, Black Tree Design and Redoubt Miniatures mixed to give a unique look.

The next part of this army is on the painting table at this moment (16 to 24 light chariots) and the buyer will have first option on them as I would like to keep this army together.

If you decide to add more units later and build it into an even bigger army, let me know as I do commission painting.

Consists of…

2 x Command Stands

4 x 24 man units of Trojan infantry

1 x 24 man unit of Lukka pirates

2 x 10 man skirmishers with javelins

1 x 10 man slingers

1 x 10 bowmen

In all the army comes in at 166 figures and they are priced to suit the painting at $12.50 per figure.

Expect the chariots to be listed shortly at about $50 each but they are looking spectacular.

Hopefully listing them separately will help the buyer of this listing spread the total cost.