Stone Topped Wall Set

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In times past, stone walls were used to separate property lines, keep animals in and much more. Some were just stones piled on top of each other, while others were fine works of art. This bricked topped stone wall is the latter.

The wall set comes in several sections to give you flexibility in placing the models on the table top. There is even a damaged wall section to place when the wall receives damage during game play.

The model comes in the following parts for easy assembly:

2 x 4 inch straight sections
2 x 2 inch straight sections
2 x 3 inch straight sections
1 x 2 inch destroyed section
4 x ½ inch corner sections
That's 21 inches of wall section in all!

The destroyed wall section lets you replace other intact wall sections during game play to show damage has been done.

Resin model kit designed for 28mm wargaming. Model comes unpainted, some assembly may be required.

Figure shown is for scale only and is not included.