Carthaginian Elephant with Tower

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The Carthaginians seem to have adopted the use of Elephants as instruments of war following exposure to Pyrrhus and his beasts in the 3rd Century BC. The Carthaginians seem to have phased out war chariots, and developed an Elephant corp to replace them (with mixed success!) However, Pyrrhus used Indian elephants sourced via the Seleucids, and with limited access to such beasts, it seems the Carthaginians may have used the smaller (and now extinct) North African Forest Elephant, with its distinctive ‘saddle back’.

If they did indeed adopt Elephants following Pyrrhus’ invasion of Sicily, then they would in all probability have been equipped with towers and a crew. This represents one such beast.

1 x resin elephant model, 1 x multi-part metal mahout, 2 x metal multi-part Carthaginian crew, and 1 x metal multi-part tower.  Supplied un-assembled and unpainted. Base not included.