Carthaginian War Elephant with riders

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There is much speculation about exactly how War Elephants were used by the Carthaginians – if (as seems highly likely) they could not easily source Indian Elephants via the Antigonids and Ptolemys, then they would have been forced to rely on the smaller indigenous North African Forest Elephant. It is thought that this smaller (and now extinct) creature may have struggled to carry a tower and crew, like the Successor beasts clearly did. If this was the case, a fighting crew may have ridden the Elephant, much like a giant horse (as was certainly still the custom among the armies of India)

This version of our resin Elephant includes a crew of two metal riders to sit astride it’s back and a mahout, providing additional fire-power to its own intimidating bulk. Stomp and shoot! Shoot and stomp!

Supplied unpainted and unassembled.