Clash Of Spears Carthaginian Warband

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CLASH of Spears is proud to have partnered with Victrix ltd to provide ready to play warbands with a variety of troops and possible warband combinations. Our warband boxed sets combine Victrix's in skirmish level warbands of 45+ miniatures and 4 to 6 different unit types!

All miniatures come unpainted, require light assembly and do not have bases or transfers included.

Founded in 812 BC Carthage has been a major power in the Mediterranean for centuries. Carthage's army is a melting pot of different peoples and fighting styles. From Numidian Skirmishers to Iberian guerilla infantry, a Carthaginian leader has many different tools to suprize and outwit is opponent. But its core of mercenary veterans ensure that a Carthaginian force can also push through by sheer strength, when necessary. So choose your forces wisely and uphold the glory of Carthage!