Frontline Command WWII Boxed Rule Set

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In 2009 we released the “pre-release” version; now the full version is here and packed with information. The new book is double the size of the pre-release and filled with illustrations and new information such coloring charts, terrain explanations, and rules for play. Also included are new movement rules for infantry and armor, painting guides, and a whole lot more!

As before, the game was designed for 28mm, but can be played with other scales as well. FLC has been in the pipeline for over 20 years. It started with a young man who wanted to play a game of World War II but with more flavor than the current rules on the market. Over the years it grew from 5 pages of hand-typed rules to the complete WWII miniature gaming system it is now.

Now released, you can experience the fast-paced game of Frontline Command World War II. We have fine tuned some of the points of the game to give you an idea of what Frontline Command WWII is all about.