Half Timbered 2 story Ruined house

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Small cottages were all over Europe during World War II. A great deal of these structures were framed with timber of various sizes and then the walls constructed between with either cob (small bundles of wood/stick/etc) stacked in bays of the timber, hay bale construction, wattle and daub, or a number of other material.

Shutters were added for better protection from the elements, whether they be natural or otherwise.

The model can be used for World War II or many other time periods, as this method of construction was around for a great many years. There are several to choose from, as the timber beams change with the kits provided so you can have a variety in your village/town.

The model comes in the following parts for easy assembly:

Building base w/walls & rubble in one piece.
2nd story wood floor
3 Walls
Roof framing x 2
Roof sections x 2
Gable x 1
Enough shutters to outfit your cottage & door