Hannibal & Mago Barca

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Hannibal Barca was the leader of what the Romans called ‘The Lion’s Brood’ – the sons of Hamilcar Barca who would take the fight against Rome to the soil of Italy itself. Hamilcar, following the humiliating defeat for Carthage at the end of the first Punic War, carved out a new empire in Spain and there schooled his sons in the art of war, famously making his first son, Hannibal, swear to ‘never be a friend of Rome’. Hannibal would lead a polyglot army from this new empire, over the Alps and into Roman territory, where he remained undefeated for over a decade until, once more, the Romans retaliated by invading Africa (as they had done in the first war).

This set depicts Hannibal mounted on a horse, draped in a lion’s skin as his mark of rank. Mago, his brother and companion during the Italian invasion, is depicted also in lions skin, on foot, with a war dog, both ready to ‘unleash hell’ on their Roman foe!

Figures are provided un-assembled, un-painted and un-based