Japanese Samurai Village

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A great time was had with this project.

The customer wanted a village of a low level Samurai Lord which he could use to showcase his large collection of 28mm miniatures. He also wanted to play skirmish games within the buildings.

This required some thought and led us to build the buildings from scratch as most currently available models either allow no interior access or have too small a footprint to allow more than a couple of figures inside. We had to build bigger and allow more room inside for figures.

The entire project took around 6 months from conception to delivery and even though we were given a specific set of requirements, we were also given considerable latitude as to the final design by the client. We made all of the buildings so that they could be removed from the boards for safe storage and transportation to shows. We did this by making each piece as a kind of jigsaw piece which fitted into a corresponding frame on the boards. By standardising the sizes it is possible to position most of the buildings in different places on the table, or replace them with other terrain such as fields.

This jigsaw system is one we developed many years ago in the UK for taking terrain on the show circuit and at the time was seen as a game changer. It is now seen in use in many games and works extremely well as long as its done very precisely.

I have tried to include pictures both during construction and on completion. Needless to say the client was delighted and has added a few more items since.