Large Ruined Farmhouse

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Throughout history, battles have been fought in and around buildings of cities, towns and villages. Many of these buildings were unchanged for centuries until World War II, which changed our world forever. The Large Ruined Farmhouse was designed to offer the feel of the WWII era with realism and playability in mind for maximum game play experience.

With large sections to simply slide into place in a pre-slotted base, building a model was never easier. Extras are included such as wooden beams and even a wall paper sheet made to cut into strips, peel the back off and stick into place for more character. You can purchase 2 or more of these models and detail them out so both are different!

The model comes in the following parts for easy assembly:

Slotted rubble base
7 large wall sections
2 outer wall sections
4 wall support sections
Door and window shutters
Beams for detail!

There are many rooms and hiding places for miniatures to be placed. The possibilities are endless – just imagine!