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Ruleset for large scale battles with miniatures set in the Thirty Years War.
The Thirty Years War was a devastating conflict that plunged Europe into a maelstrom of clashes on an unknown scale at that time, leaving desolate states and ruined nations in this wake.
During these times Tercios, those fearsome Spanish formations, steadfastly defended the old values against the menacing military reforms. These were the last days of a military dominance that had held for more than a century, Still, they would enjoy quite a few victories, perhaps more a professionalism and stubbornness rather than by outstanding tactics, allowing Tercios to seal a beautiful end to the use of that formation, evoking nostalgia of old glories.
With this rules you can recreate those glorious battles of old, commanding heroic armies while enjoying your collection of miniatures.

The armies are:
Holy Roman Empire
Spanish Empire
German Protestant
Kingdom of Denmark-Norway
Kingdom of England
Kingdom of France
Principality of Transylvania
Swedish Empire
United Provinces of the Low Countries.