About Us


My wife Tina and I started Sherwood Wargames in 2016 to showcase my painting and modeling service and to enable us to move away from working for others and control our own destiny, 

Since then my daughter Hailey has joined the business and helps her Mother run and organise our growing retail sales. Thanks to them we can offer you excellent service and quick delivery times. We post every day, so your orders are shipped within 24 hours of us getting them.

Our philosophy is simple, great service, fair prices, and a willingness to find  whatever you need.  We'll paint it for you for a fair price. Just let us quote you.

Our promise to the customer...

1. Only sell items that are in stock in Louisiana so that the customer can have their item within 3 to 4 days.

2. Sort out all issues speedily and to the customers satisfaction.

3. Sell only the best products at fair prices.

4. Try to find everything the customer needs even when it is not a stock item.

We are often asked, "Why Sherwood Wargames?" Well I used to live and work in Sherwood Forest in England, and myself and a group of friends did the show circuit where we won many prizes for best Game at Show. We called ourselves The Sherwood Wargames Group, so the name of our business was sort of obvious really.

Many years of gaming in the UK has set us up with many contacts and friends so thanks to them we can bring you excellent products and as gamers we only sell figures and models we would be happy to use ourselves.

I am also blessed that my family have learned to live with the hobby taking over every aspect of our lives, and every room in our house, and that we all work so happily together.

We hope to hear from you soon, and hope you will join our growing band of happy customers.