1759 Siege of Quebec, 2nd Edition

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Play Solitaire as French or British and a 2 player version too

Any time one side's morale reaches zero during a turn, the other side wins the game. Also, the French win if they hold out until the British Navy departs. And the British can win by taking Quebec.


Highlights of 1759 Siege of Quebec 2nd Edition:

  • New art style to the game board and cards

  • New rules and game pieces for artillery

  • New white French/red British/brown Indian pieces

  • Updated rules


Each game includes:

  • Box

  • Hard Mounted Game Board

  • 2 sets of troop markers (one set per army)

  • 2 sets of solitaire cards (one set per army)*Only 1 set of solitaire cards in 414BC Syracuse

  • Command Decision Cards

  • 2 Field Order Books (one per army)

  • Rule Book

  • Custom plastic storage tray

  • Dice

Complexity: 3 of 10

Solitaire Suitability: 10 of 10

Playing Time: 30 to 60 minutes

Players: 1-2