6th Rate Frigate

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6th Rate Frigate: These warships were made for coastal protection, commerce raiding, and often pirate hunting. The 6th rate is a robust vessel that is designed to be fast, shallow draft, and heavily armed. Pirates were very rarely able to stand up to the might of a 6th Rate ship.

Famously, Edward “Blackbeard” Teach was able to capture one and used it as part of his fleet. Our 6th rate was designed to recreate what Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge might have looked like during the early 18th century.

(*This unpainted ship does not include flags or sails. Some assembly required.)

1 18″×5.4” Plastic Resin Hull (28mm scale)
24 Wooden dowel for Masts & Spars
8 Yards of Elastic for Rigging
58 Laser-cut wooden Rigging Parts
8 Light Cannons and Carriages
22 White Metal Gunport Covers
14 White Metal Light Cannons Tips
8 Swivel Guns
1 Game Card