Korean BTR 40 Armoured Personal Carrier

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Primarily used by the North Koreans as a transport for anti-tank guns and heavier anti-aircraft guns, The BTR-40 APC was nevertheless used to move troops en masse. The KPA had adopted Soviet mechanized doctrines after all. It was vehicles like the BTR40 that provided the swift education needed in logistical warfare.

In its original variant, the APC had a carrying capacity of eight soldiers. However, it soon was modified to the BTR-40A. This was designed as a mobile anti-aircraft vehicle, but could also be effective against light vehicles and infantry. In this configuration, the manually operated turret sported twin 14.5mm KPVT heavy machine guns.

In Bolt Action

The Korean Peoples Army list in Bolt Action Korea allows you to select either the BTR-40 APC capable of transporting 8 infantry, or the BTR-40A for a little extra firepower.

Contains one resin & metal vehicle

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted