Clash Of Spears

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CLASH of spears is a fast paced, warband level, wargame to be played in 4’ by 4’ tables over 1 to 3 hours.It was designed to be fast and intuitive, while providing realistic feel, tactical depth and high impact decision making. 

Gritty and personal, CLASH relies on command points and fatigue management to represent the chaos and desperation of small scale conflict.  Skills and traits are used to represent the different  specialties and fighting styles of the ancient world.

CLASH moves away from the massed ranks approach of traditional ancients rule sets. It has been thought of specifically for small actions, allowing units to close and open ranks as needed, and according to their preferred fighting style.

Very much a game designed by wargamers for wargamers CLASH is able to achieve tactical depth through the value of combination of arms and terrain management, rather than resorting to board game mechanics and game specific external aids.

CLASH of spears is initially set in the Rise of Rome and the Punic wars. Its 12 army  lists have been extensively playtested by 80+ people in seven countries over the last 9 months, to guarantee balanced gaming whether in club or competitive environments. 

The initial army lists are: Roman Republic, Carthaginians, Lowland Gallic Tribes (Veii), Highland Gallic Tribes (Ligurians),  Greek Colonies (Taranto/Syracuse), Iberians, Lusitanians, Celtiberians, Italian Hilltribes (Samnites), Italian Lowland Tribes (Campanians/Etruscans), Numidians, Macedonian expedition (Pyrrhus)

But with CLASH’s release we will provide full visibility into the point system and guidelines for players to quickly adapt CLASH to any period or armies of their liking through online support.

The CLASH of spears Ruleset is a hard cover 160 pages, offset printed in full color  in the finest quality.