Italian Bersaglieri support group

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With typical Italian panache the Bersaglieri, with their helmets sporting the distinctive black capercaillie feathers, were easy to identify on the battlefield. These were no popinjays, however, as these elite marksmen were a tough proposition to face on the field of battle.

This support group provides stylish officers along with a medic treating his wounded colleague and a spotter who can be used as an attendant radio operator for your commander. Providing suppressing firepower are the workhorse medium machine gun of the Italian armed forces, the Breda Modello 37 and the robust 81mm Modello 35 medium mortar providing indirect fire capability.

Box contains the following metal figures:

  • Two Officers
  • One Medic treating Wounded Soldier
  • One Bugler
  • Medium Mortar Team (Weapon & Three Crew)
  • Medium Machine Gun Team (Weapon & Three Crew)

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted