US M39 Armoured Utility Vehicle

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Built on the chassis on the M-18 Hellcat, the M39 was designed during the latter days of WWII. Though, it didn't see combat action until the Korean War. This armoured utility vehicle was used as a prime mover for 3” guns. In Korea they were used as cargo carriers and personnel carriers, and played an often vital part in the defensive battles of the later stages of the war, allowing reinforcements to reach the frontline or troops to be evacuated from vulnerable outposts.

Ambush at Imjin

The M39 fought at the Battle of the Imjin River where it provided artillery support for the 1st Republic of Korea Infantry Division. During the battle, Battery B was forced to evacuate its position after neighbouring units withdrew. As the M39s had .50 calibre machine guns, they led the retreating column.

A Chinese ambush met the retreat. Though the unit lost 2 M39s, as well as suffering damage to two M41s, the column broke through the ambush, inflicting around 100 casualties on the enemy forces to a loss of 38. The unit promptly returned to its artillery support role soon thereafter.

In Bolt Action

With a transport capacity of twelve men, the M39 is a great addition to any US force in Bolt Action: Korea. Whilst it ensures that your troops reach the frontline unscathed, it can also lay down supporting fire with its pintle-mounted HMG; with a 360-degree arc of fire. Alternatively, use it as a tow to get your artillery into position.

Contains 1 resin & metal vehicle

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted