Soviet Assault Engineers Flamethrower team

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The Soviets made great use of flamethrowers including FOG-1 static types dug in to cover bunkers and trenches. Due to shortcomings in developing other credible anti-tank weapons, Red Army doctrine placed strong emphasis on using flamethrowers as anti-tank as well as anti-infantry weapons. They even formed separate motorised anti-tank flamethrower battalions in 1943. By far the most common Russian flamethrowers were the man-packed ROKS types. The ROKS-2 was designed with a fuel tank that looked like an ordinary backpack and a nozzle resembling a rifle, so as not to attract unwelcome attention on the battlefield.

For +5 points in Bolt Action, a flamethrower team may be equipped with the ROKS-2 flamethrower. If this option is taken, the flamethrower operator may not be chosen as a result of ‘exceptional damage’, such is their indistinguishable guise next to their fellow riflemen.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted