Soviet HMg team (winter)

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The DShK 12.7mm belt-fed heavy machine gun was the standard Russian heavy machine gun of World War II, comparable to the US .50cal Browning. It was used on wheeled mountings like the Maxim and could quickly be placed on a tall tripod for anti-aircraft defence. Truck-mounted and multiple versions were also employed in this role. The DShK was also seen during the late war on the cupolas of Soviet heavy tanks such as the IS-2 and ISU-152. DShK stood for its two inventors, Degtyaryov and Shpagin, and was the basis of its nickname 'Dushka' - literally 'sweetie' or 'darling' in Russian.

The operators of this HMG are clad in winter gear, ready to fight both the enemy and the climate during those most bitter of eastern front campaigns.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted