The 100 Days Campaign Supplement

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Napoleon Bonaparte, the Corsican Tyrant, plunged Europe back into war once again by leading an emboldened French army against a resolute England and her allies. The Hundred Days campaign raged, witnessing numerous battles both before and after that decisive day at Waterloo.

Authored by Adrian McWalter (Albion Triumphant Volumes 1 & 2; A Clash of Eagles), this supplement for Black Powder Epic Battles presents 18 new scenarios covering the entire breadth of the campaign. Alongside the new units, rules, ‘what if?’ scenarios, and commanders is a system to link all your games in a grand campaign that follows the events of the Hundred Days, one battle at a time. Finally, full orders of battle are presented for all the French, Prussian, English and Allied forces involved in the fighting.

The entire panoply of the Hundred Days awaits within.

This A5 mini book is included in the three national starter boxes, but is now available seperately.