T34-76 (1943 model)

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During the fall of 1943, all vehicles received a new commander cupola, which greatly improved his visibility on the battlefield. However, production standards were poor and many tanks were lost due to mechanical breakdowns. The model 1944 was systematically equipped with the new turret, with a wider commander cupola and some extra armor. External equipment included spare tracks, tools boxes, fuel tanks and improvised protection of all kinds. Of these, for example, were entire pruned trunks, rails, scrap metal and, during the battle of Germany and especially in Berlin, an improvised Panzerfaust defense made of spring beds or various metal frames.

1 resin 1/56 Model tank manufactured for us as part of our Tina’s Tiny Tanks range, and fully covered by our no quibble satisfaction guarantee.

Supplied unpainted and may require some assembly.