T34/76 (1941 model)

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The most important improvement of Model 1941 was the more efficient, longer-barrelled F-34 76.2 mm gun. Many components were put under scrutiny for mass production, like the new gun mount, the welded turret with a new, single, wide hatch, and many other parts. The single hatch was retained for ease of production, but it was heavy and easily jammed, trapping everybody inside. In fact, it was hated by the crews (who suffered due to the poor comfort and poor ergonomics), being quickly dubbed the “pirozhok” (stuffed bun). The very large rear exhaust covers were another feature which did not last long. The turret lacked sufficient protection for the commander, with no special-purpose hatch or traversable periscope.



1 resin 1/56 Model tank manufactured for us and fully covered by our no quibble satisfaction guarantee.

 Supplied unpainted and may require some assembly.