L3/35 tankette.

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The L3 career is quite impressive, spanning from the Abyssinian (Ethiopian) campaign to the reddition of Kesselring german troops in Italy, in may 1945... Despite its light armor, the CV 33 and 35 were reliable, fast with a low profile, which made them difficult to hit, and had a low petrol consumption. They were a cost-effective solution, still valuable against infantry alone. Just as the British Unversal Carriers, they were available in large numbers, used in many ways, as scouts, equipped with powerful radios, as advanced screening and flanking forces, for colonial and police duties, for assaults in flame-thrower versions, or even as anti-tank vehicles, armed with a highly effective Breda 20 mm gun. Most of the export version seen combat as well. But the CV 33 had several nicknames which reflected its lack of armor in Italian service : "scatola di sardine" or "cassa de morto" (beer or sardine boxes), or even "bara d'acciaio" (iron coffins)...


A resin model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Comes with parts to make all differently armed variants, including the flamethrower version.

Painted models from Charles Pecquet’s collection including a clever conversion mounting the fuel for the flamethrower on the rear deck. This was a common field modification to avoid having to tow the trailer.