Sdkfz 251/16 D ( Flamethrower)

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Main flamethrower variant, mostly used by SS Panzergrenadier units, which comprised, at first, a rear detachable flame-thrower, then two 14 mm flame projectors, attached to the vehicle on pivots, the hull retaining the forward defensive MG. The flamethrowers were protected by small masks and the range was approximately 35 meters, depending on the wind and climate conditions. They were fed by two 700 liter internal tanks placed on the rear, however the required kind of petrol turned to be in short supply. The crew was protected by fireproof overalls and the compressor, which had a two hour autonomy, gave the ability to perform around 2700 short burst (2 sec). As specified, each Panzergrenadier regiment was to be supplied with a single platoon of 6 Flammpanzerwagen, comprising two support vehicles carrying 1850 extra gallons. They were converted from Ausf.C and D vehicles, and seemingly introduced in January 1943. They fought in Russia, in Italy, in Holland (Arnhem 1944) and Northern France.



1 resin 1/56 Model tank manufactured for us and fully covered by our no quibble satisfaction guarantee.

 Supplied unpainted and may require some assembly.