Watering Hole Terrain Deal

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Give your Wild West game terrain a head-start with this collection of Gunfighter's Ball buildings, figures, and scatter terrain! The set features laser-cut MDF buildings with metal detail parts, Gunfighter's Ball bystander figures with MDF bases, and scatter terrain in both resin and metal.


Cowtown store

Cowtown smitty

Cowtown saloon

Small corral


Saloon bar set (resin bar and metal detail parts)

Standing saddle horses sets x 2 (4 horses total)

Street accessories set (hitching posts, water trough, rain barrels, benches, etc.)

Blacksmith, shopkeeper w/broom, bartender wiping mug


Supplied unpainted. Lead-Free Pewter, resin, and MDF.
Large 28mm or "heroic" scale, which is 32mm to top of head on average. Matches Dead Man's Hand, Copplestone, and other modern "28mm" ranges.
Choking Hazard: Small Parts; keep away from children under 3 years old or individuals who have a tendency to put inedible objects in their mouths.